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August 30 Sermon and Announcements


ACTS 15:1-35


As we continue looking at what was happening in the early church, we see that a debate arose. While the Jewish Christians were excited to hear the Gentiles had received the gospel, they believed there were some things the Gentiles needed to do. Paul and Barnabas had been led by the Holy Spirit to realize God had created a different plan for his church. What God had required the Jews to do had not truly saved anyone. It always depended on faith in God combined with frequent sacrifices to be made right with God in the past. Even then you had to do this over and over again to stay right with God.


Paul and Barnabas knew God had created a new plan when Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for everyone’s sins. The old requirements were no longer part of God’s plan. They, led by the Holy Spirit, talked to the leaders in Jerusalem and explained what God had revealed to them. The church leaders in Jerusalem agreed, as the Holy Spirit confirmed everything Paul and Barnabas said. They sent Paul and Barnabas on their way to different places of the Gentiles as stated in verses 22 and 23. They even sent Judas and Silas with them so there would be no question they were in agreement with what Paul and Barnabas had been saying. As I read of this dispute that had started in the early church, I could not help but think of some disagreements that occur in the church today. One of the biggest disagreements is over baptism. The Church of the Brethren believes immersion is what should be used. Other denominations sprinkle or at least something short of full immersion. Is one way more right than another? Some denominations that believe in baptism will not accept anyone’s baptism but their own seen by their own eyes. Does God believe this is something the church should be divided over?


My question is why do we cause disputes at times, that create unnecessary obstacles to receive God’s word with fellow believers?  The church at times will question the clothes we wear, the way we look, the things we say and do. While I believe God has clearly stated certain things should not be a part of a believer’s life, it is the Holy Spirit’s leading that helps us understand these things. Yes, we as a church should out of love, encourage one another. At times, even as God’s word says, “Speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).


I have grown to appreciate the attitude of this congregation that allows us to reach out to God with a degree of personal freedom. While I believe there are certain areas there should be no compromise on, there are many other areas where there should be space given for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct. The church in Jerusalem listened to the Holy Spirit and gave the new Christians, who were Gentiles, space. May we in the church at Cerro Gordo always give the same respect to the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us. There continues to be turmoil and controversy in our nation and world. I believe God is calling the church to be healers to the broken and to those who feel helpless or forgotten. Those feeling this way are feeling this way for many different reasons. We should show God’s love and compassion for all who feel left out. There are those in this community that need to know God loves them and cares about what is going on in their lives. When we see a need for love and compassion, God is calling you and me to be available to bring hope, not condemnation. As we continue to seek God and his direction for our lives and our church, may we be like the church in Jerusalem. May we embrace one another out of love. May the message we send be like the one sent to the believers in Antioch.


May all who know God, recognize God’s hand on our lives as his representatives here in Cerro Gordo and beyond. That should be our passion and our goal, to encourage all to receive everything God has for us, leaving no one behind and never making things harder than they must be. May we capture the spirit of the early church having as our main desire to serve God to the best of our ability, to bring hope to the hopeless and God’s love and compassion to all who will be open and receive. 




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