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June 26 Sermon and Announcements



June 26, 2022


Give Me My Daily Bread

Provers 30:5-9


One of the reasons we gather together is our hope the Lord shows us more of himself. I know I need more and more understanding of what God is calling me to do with the days I am given on this earth. The older I get I have found myself reflecting more on what God is wanting to do with the opportunities he gives me.


At Walt Morgenthaler’s funeral, the Lord led me to share some verses from the Psalm 90. One of the verses was verse 12, which says “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” When we think about how we are to consider our days and match that with the words we read in Proverbs this morning, we can see how God is encouraging us to trust him with our lives. In these verses from Proverbs, we are given a few warnings about how we should treat God and His word. It also warns about adding or changing his word.


There is also the simple request on how to live out life. One of the things that can bring honor from both God and man is to, as verse 8 says, “Keep lies and falsehood far from me.” Most Christians do not purposely say falsehoods, but there are times things happen that cause people to stretch the truth a little. The first part of verse 8 does not say, “Help me not to lie.”  It says “Keep lies far from me.” I was told by my dad long ago a saying many of you have probably heard as well. “Tell a lie and you can never forget; tell the truth and you don’t have to remember.” In other words, if a person tells a lie, you better keep it straight and consistent, but if you have told the truth, it will just naturally come out without any special effort.


In verse 7 of Proverbs we read, the writer is asking two things of God. The first is to keep falsehoods and lies far from himself and secondly give him neither poverty nor riches, just give him his daily bread. The writer goes on in verse 9 to explain the second part.


We read the Lord’s Prayer for our Call to Worship this morning. Long after Solomon was encouraged to write these Proverbs, Jesus shared an example prayer that says much the same thing these verses in Proverbs say. In the brief verses we have read in Proverbs there is an incredible amount of wisdom. It basically tells us to make sure we know what is important. As Christians, being honest and trustworthy are at the top of the list. We all will stumble from time to time, but as Christians we are to own up to our mistakes, our sins, as quickly as we can.


The fact is that Solomon had it all. He was the most powerful man in Israel at the time he wrote these Proverbs. He had wealth and prestige, but he came to understand the only thing that really matters is to have faith in God and put your trust in Him. Solomon was not badmouthing wealth: elsewhere in the Old Testament it says it is a good thing to leave an inheritance to your children when that is possible. Obviously, without some surplus that would not be possible. No, for all Solomon had gained in life he understood what is really important. He had come to understand the meaning of the verse in Psalms about numbering our days aright.


When it is all said and done, what really matters is our relationship with God and how we share God’s love with others. None of us are, or ever will be perfect; that is why we need a savior. God wants to give each one of us the wisdom to know what is important. I would like to share my top ten list that is all about godly wisdom.

1.    Loving and honoring God.

2.   Lifting up God’s Holy Word.

3.   Being honest and true with ourselves and others.

4.   To the point that at times we are willing to say,” I don’t know the answer.”

5.   As best we can to be there for one another.

6.   To not have too high of expectations but also to not have too low of expectations.

7.   To be willing to forgive as we have been forgiven (you cannot have one without the other).

8.   To never give up, never lose hope, God has already won the war.

9.   To love one another, once again, just as God loves us.

10.And when it is all said and done, to ask and expect God

     to simply give us our daily bread.


God loves you and me; he created us for a reason. Your greatest victories may still be to come. So, God, I simply ask you to give me my daily bread, because I know you have and will continue to take care of the rest.

Pastor Larry




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