Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sign up time for New Directory

The photo sign-up button is ready for use! Click on the button on the right and follow the directions to sign up for your session. You don't even have to belong to our church. Sign up and receive a free 8 x 10 photo from your session. If you don't belong in our congregation (yet, we hope), you may elect to not have your photo placed in our directory. Please sign up as soon as possible. Sign-ups will also be taken before and after Sunday morning worship. Our session is September 22. Hope to see everyone there. Further questions: call the church office at 217-763-8641.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Photo Directory

     Stay tuned for details, but we are preparing to have photos taken for a new church directory.
     Anyone may get a photo taken, even if you don't belong to our church, and you will not have to be included in our directory. There is even a free photo for everyone who sits for photos. What a deal!
     We think this will be a wonderful way to let the community find out a little more about us. Sign-ups will be available soon on this web page.