Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Sunday School 9:00

Tuesday 9:30 Bible Study

June 1 9:30 stem strawberries—many hands are needed to


June 2 Strawberry Festival—signup sheets in the back for pie

crusts, other supplies, and for help that day

June 6 6:30 pm Executive Committee

June 9 2:00 Peoria church—concert by Jocelyn Watkins

The Lord’s Storehouse rummage sale will be at the Brethren

Church June 7 and 8. No clothing donations will be accepted.

To drop off donations, make an appointment with Marcia

Cedarburg 217-412-0999 or Leslie Clark 217-358-0205.

Pastor Larry Traxler- (217) 454-2362

Donation Box for May: VBS

First Sundays: Food Bank donations

Keep in Your Prayers

Graduates; Missie Wright; David and Jan Bower; Shirley Clarkson; Ava; Nora Hanaver;

 Larry Traxler; Randy and Michelle West; Mike Gentry; Eli Brunner; Nancy

Fansler; Doug Larrick; Ron & Kathleen Petersen; Debbie Leibrock;

Dorthea Wood; Mike and Carol Seidenstricker; Adiline Young; Mayo &

Darlene Hanaver; Stacie Warren; Nancy Gorrell; many unspoken

requests; victims of disasters; victims of shootings; shut-ins; the

Nigerian church; Haitian Brethren; Ukraine; Israel, Iran, the

Palestinians; Military and Other Services and their families

Brethren Volunteer Service workers; Disaster project workers

District Prayer Calendar: Pray for the Charismatic Christian Center in

Chicago and for National Young Adult Conference in late May.

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