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October 10 Sermon and Announcements



October 10, 2021



How Far Will We Go?

Matthews 5:10-12


The past two Sunday we have looked at the first 7 of the Beatitudes. Two weeks ago, we discussed the first three and, last Sunday, the next four. The first three Beatitudes are about how everyday life affects us and then how we react to some of those disappointments and challenges as well as what God promises us when we remain faithful. The four we looked at last week are about choices we have made, both to life as well as to God’s call in our lives. The Beatitudes are all about choices and attitudes that drive us or about how life challenges us and what our reactions and responses are.


The last two Beatitudes that we read this morning are different yet from the others. These Beatitudes warn us about how others may react to the choices and attitudes we have made, especially our stand on God’s word and our relationship with God because of Jesus Christ. The first we read this morning says, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We are being warned by Jesus that if you stand up for God’s holy standard not everyone is going to agree. As Jesus got more and more into his ministry, we see the Jewish leaders of the day were constantly opposing him. When we looked at Acts and the early church proclaiming the good news of salvation through Jesus, it cost many everything, including their lives. Jesus is warning the people, standing up for God and his holy standard will not always be easy, but once again look at the reward. The kingdom of heaven awaits those who will stand up for God’s righteousness. What is interesting is Jesus said the exact same thing of those who are beaten up by life in the very first Beatitude. The reward for both is the kingdom of heaven awaits. Many who may feel poor in spirit may feel that way because of what had happened to them for doing the right thing for pursuing God’s righteousness and encouraging others to do the same thing.


The final Beatitude read in verse 11 really warns Jesus’ followers the reality of serving God in an honest yet visible way. “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil again you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven.” This morning’s message title is “How far will you go?” If we are really willing to put it all out there. If we are unafraid, unashamed and willing to boldly proclaim the truth, be ready. People very well may insult you, persecute you and spread lies about you to stop you. Notice one important thing Jesus said. Sometimes sin can get us into trouble and these same things can happen because in many ways we deserve it. Jesus made a point in telling everyone if people insult you, persecute you and lie about you because you are firmly in God’s hands doing his work, do not be surprised. Jesus wanted to make sure everyone knew if these things happen because of your belief in him, be ready. But if these things happen because of him, great is your reward in heaven.


The Beatitudes remind us that things will happen to us while we are in these bodies on this earth. Sometimes it is because of what we have brought on ourselves because of sin. Sometimes it is because we live in a world that is stained by sin. Sometimes it is because we purposely took a stand with Jesus for God and his righteous, his holy standard. When things happen to us, especially because of our faith in God, Jesus wanted to make sure we all know God is watching. When God created us, He always intended for us to spend eternity with him, not live forever in this body as it currently is. Jesus was telling his disciples, the ones gathered on that mountainside and us today, that being one of God’s children can and will be difficult at times.


The last Beatitude Jesus shared really makes it very clear that if you truly pursue a righteous godly life, not everyone is going to be excited about it. And if you dare share your faith with others, you really better get ready.


We will continue with the more specific details of a godly life Jesus shared on the Sermon on the Mount starting next week. The Beatitudes gave an overview to us all of what we can expect not only from people and from the world, but also from our God. God is there ready to bless us, and Jesus has just given us the recipe for blessings. The question for you and me is will we follow it or try to create our own? Sometimes altering a recipe works in cooking, but it is not a good plan to change God’s recipe if we want to spend eternity with our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Savior when our time is up on this earth.

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