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November 13 Sermon and Announcements



NOVEMBER 13, 2022


Wouldn’t it be nice?

II Chronicles 1:1-12


As we all know we have just finished another election cycle in this nation. Are you glad to see the nonstop barrage of advertising come to an end? These elections will impact us nationally, statewide and locally. We can celebrate the fact that in America we do get to have our voices heard when we take advantage of the opportunity to vote.


I would like to make a few personal observations before we look at what we just read. In many ways I am saddened by the amount of money spent on elections in America today. I heard of one US House of Representative’s race in which over $20,000,000 was spent. Just so we understand there are 435 house races every 2 years nationally. Admittedly not every one of those 435 saw that kind of money spent but think of the possibilities. There was one US Senate race that over $200,000,000 was spent (I may be low on that amount). On average there are 33 of those type of races every 2 years. These dollar amounts do not take into account how much presidential elections cost or any statewide or local election. What an incredible amount of money spent every election cycle to try to convince people to either vote for you or vote against the other person. Probably most of you picked up on how much is being spent nowadays but I just felt compelled to share those numbers as we consider how we do elections today.


Let’s now go back to what we read in scripture today. Here we see Solomon who has taken over the leaders of Israel. One of the first things he feels led to do is speak to every group of people he will be leader of. He speaks to those in positions of authority in Israel, all the commanders. Then he seeks out and speaks to the judges God has established over Israel. Then, it would seem, he speaks to the other leaders in the country from the national to the local type. We then read that Solomon spoke to the heads of the families as well. We see Solomon went to the place called the Tent of Meeting that had been established with God’s blessing first by Moses, then by King David, Solomon’s earthly father. He gave everyone the opportunity to talk to him there. Solomon during his time at the Tent of Meeting went to the altar and offered to God 1,000 burnt offerings. Did you catch that? 1,000 burnt offerings! As Solomon humbly acknowledged God’s authority over his life and the life of Israel.


We then see in verse 7 God tells Solomon, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” Now think about that for a minute. What would be your answer if the God who created the world we live in from nothing asked you to make any request you want of me? Would we be so surprised we would not know what to say? Would we say, “What’s the catch?” What do you think you would say or do if you were given that question knowing God would really honor it? The fact is God did tell Solomon he could ask for anything. And what did Solomon ask for? Was it fame and fortune? Was it to be viewed as the most powerful man in the world? Was it to live a long, healthy life? No. But before he gave God his answer, he once again acknowledged God’s goodness and mercy to both him and his Father. He then let God know he understood how important a job he had been given to lead the nation of Israel. So, what did Solomon ask for? Wisdom and knowledge. To be able to properly lead God’s people Solomon understood the thing these people need him to have more than anything else was wisdom and knowledge. What an incredibly unselfish request. Did God say to Solomon, “Are you sure that is the thing you want more than anything else?” No, God understood the character of Solomon. What a humble man he was! So, as a result, not only did God honor that request, but basically gave him everything else almost anyone could want.


As the sermon title says, wouldn’t it be nice. Wouldn’t it be nice if the leaders we have in this country would humbly ask God in an honest way to help them lead this nation’s people? What a different nation and world it might be. Instead, we have lies and name calling. Too often it is less about working together as much as telling people how bad the other side is. I am saying all of this still knowing how blessed I feel to be able to live in this nation. We have faults, lots of them, but God’s hand is still reaching out to the leaders and the people of this country. Yes, it would be refreshing to have leaders that understood they can do little for the people of a community, state or nation without God’s guiding hand and wisdom. We must pray for God’s mercy in our lives, our community, state and nation, our leaders. The one true leader God has given us that will never let us down is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We must be wiling to admit those in leadership will often fail us, but our God will never fail us.

Pastor Larry 



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