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April 5

We hope and pray that you are safe and healthy during this time.
Larry is on facebook live each Sunday morning at 10:00 with the sermon. Join us on Cerro Gordo Church of the Brethren on facebook.
Below is the April 5 sermon text and below that are our announcements.

A quick review from last week for those who watched or read last week’s message: we looked at what set the stage from all the events leading up to what we celebrate on Easter. We focused on Jesus ultimately raising Lazarus from the grave and all the other events leading up to that and also what was said and done after Lazarus was raised, which leads us to today, a day Christians call Palm Sunday. We will be looking at a few sections of the 12th chapter of John as we continue to move closer to Jesus’ date with destiny. Even though we didn’t read all of the 11th chapter of John, if you did you would have seen that after Lazarus was raised from the dead Jesus went to another town. If you have your Bible, I would again encourage you to follow along. I will be reading from the New International Version, John 12:1-2. We see Jesus has returned to Bethany to check in on Lazarus, Mary and Martha. It is just 6 days before the Jewish people celebrate Passover, the event dating back to Moses and the Israelites enslaved in Egypt. While Jesus was visiting, a dinner was given, probably in part as a thank you for what Jesus did for Lazarus, but also because they loved each other deeply. Jesus, the disciples, and maybe others attended this dinner.
We now pick up the event that took place on what we call Palm Sunday. We read lots of people had come to Jerusalem to celebrate The Passover. When word got out Jesus was on his way to town, many came out to meet him. Have you even been a part of an event that just happened? It wasn’t planned but for some reason things in a spontaneous way happened? That’s what happened on this day. Many who were there when Lazarus was raised from the dead, or heard about or witnessed one of the other miracles Jesus had performed. We read as he got closer to Jerusalem, they were cutting palm branches and laying them on the road in front of Jesus like a red-carpet welcome, fit for a king. The disciples didn’t understand what was going on. If you remember from last week, they didn’t want Jesus going anywhere near Jerusalem because the Jewish leaders had tried to kill him the last time he was there. But now it seems everyone loves Jesus. They were confused, yet I can’t help but think encouraged, by this apparent outpouring of love. As they all got closer and closer to Jerusalem and the crowd grew larger and louder, I can’t help but think the disciples also became more confident. They believed finally everyone understood what a special man Jesus was. They also probably felt bold enough to let everyone know we are the ones that have been with Jesus from the beginning. This was the best day of their lives and probably believed it was going to be smooth sailing from now on. But how quickly things are about to change.
In verse 19, we see not everyone liked what was happening. In fact, we read in verse 10 there is not only a plan to kill Jesus but also Lazarus as well. After Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, things happen really fast. Next Sunday is Easter, the greatest day for mankind in all of history. We will be looking at the events that happen in Chapters 13 through 20 in the Book of John with our main focus on John 20:1-9. What we celebrate on Palm Sunday was the greatest day in many ways that Jesus and the disciples had ever experienced. The disciples wanted to believe the people were finally getting it, but Jesus knew what lay ahead--the event that would change the world forever. As we close our service today, I would like to share Numbers 6:24-26.
24 “‘The Lord bless you and keep you; 25 the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;26 the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”
Be safe, God loves you. I look forward to being with you next Sunday at 10 a.m. Let’s check in on each other. I want you to know if you want to talk, I will be glad to talk with you. My phone number is 217-454-2362. God loves you. I love you. See you next week.

Announcements for April 5

April 9: 7:00 p.m. The denomination is hosting a Live Love Feast via the internet, featuring meditations, scriptures, and music. You may watch by going to and can participate if you have your own communion supplies while you watch.
The recording will be available to watch on the same website afterwards.
April 12: Easter, worship with us on facebook live 10:00 when Larry gives the message (You must “Like” the Cerro Gordo Church of the Brethren facebook page and then Larry should pop up on facebook when he comes on the air.) You can also watch this any time after the session is over.

Offerings: Please mail your offerings to the church at PO Box 45 or, if you have a key to the church and would rather put it in the donation box at the back of the sanctuary, you may do so but also please use a regular offering envelope or an envelope that you have labeled “offering.” We still need your regular offerings since we still have bills to pay. Thanks! Carol

We collected $380 for Easter boxes for the Lord’s Storehouse. Thank you, everyone!

Let Stacie know of any supplies you need and are unable to get for yourself. Someone in the church will get them for you.


April 8: Executive Committee—Commissions, please met via phone calls or email, if needed.

April 19: All church birthday dinner

First Sunday of the month: Food Banks
Food needs: boxes of cereal, boxes of prepared foods, such as soups, potatoes, rice, mac & cheese, peanut butter, jelly

Donation Box: Camp Emmanuel

--Don’t forget to check mailboxes when you are able.
--Women’s Fellowship is looking for a strawberry festival chair or co-chairs.           

Keep in Your Prayers
Adiline Young; Barb Baker; Kim Lehmann; Dylan Junior; Doug Fansler; Clyde and Nancy Fansler; Liam Martina; Ali Bryant; Jeff Sawyer; Liza Yore; Candy Dobson; Anna Rose Larrick; Mike Gentry; Gary Jesse; Robert & Laurie Morr; Norm & Marge Starr; Shawn Cain; Robert Cripe; Mayo Hanaver; Zola Copeland and family; Tim and Betty Sue Laird; Larry Nall; Leslie Lake; Jennifer Like; Patty Cripe; Lauren Gross: Denice Mosbach; Stacie Warren; many unspoken requests; traveling mercies for those on the road; Coronavirus crisis; healthcare workers and first responders

Military and Other Services and their families
Brethren Volunteer Service workers; Disaster project workers

Prayers and cards of encouragement are requested for our Shut-ins:
Zola Copeland – 214 E. Fitch St. Forsyth, IL.
Anna Rose Larrick C/O Evergreen Place #110
4825 E. Evergreen Ct. Decatur IL. 62521
Shawn Cain – 208 West Wait St. Cerro Gordo IL. 61818
Robert Cripe – 21 Park Street Danville IL. 61832

A Letter from David Steele, General Secretary of the Church of the Brethren:

Few events have dramatically altered global social, political, and economic realities the way the COVID-19 virus has in just a matter of weeks. To date, over a half a million cases of the virus have been documented around the world. Each country in which the Church of the Brethren has a presence has been affected. In some communities the virus has forced people to shelter at home and in others it has compounded existing needs.

I recognize that this is a time of anxiety and even fear. Yet, as persons of faith in Jesus Christ we know that death no longer holds us captive, for we are people of Christ’s resurrection.

The Psalm reminds us that though the world quakes, seas roar, and the nations rage, God is our refuge and God is our strength (Psalm 46).

I invite us to join together as a church in fasting and prayer each Friday in April. By fasting we seek to gather together spiritually before our ever-present God. We do not seek to make statements to our leaders, nor to be noticed by others, but only to center our hearts in the refuge of God’s peace. By praying we intercede for our communities that compassion may flourish, that health and safety may reign, and that the peace of Christ will surround the world.

May our prayer together be an offering to our God, and through us may God heal the nations.

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