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June 2 Sermon and Announcements



June 2, 2024



Your Purpose in Life

Psalm 27:11


How often have you asked yourself the question why am I here? Have you asked what is my purpose yourself recently? Many of us here this morning have lived through several changes during our lives. I am guessing everyone here graduated from high school. If anyone has not, I am not wanting you to believe I see that as a flaw or some other negative. In all honesty, my dad never graduated from high school, and I consider him one of the smartest, wisest men I will ever know. Obviously, I am a bit biased! I am just looking at the different events many of us have gone through. If you graduated from high school, what was next? Some went to college; some may have gone into the military, some got jobs. Then along the line many of you got married. Many have had children. Some have become grandparents, some great grandparents, some even great, great grandparents. Each of us has potentially had many things happen during our lives that have brought changes to our lives.


With many of those changes came a new perspective or focus on life. At times we may have questioned whether we were ready for the next phase of life. With each change there may have come the question, “What is my purpose?” Am I really up to this new change I am facing?


This morning’s message title is “Your Purpose in Life”. Through the different changes we face in life our overall purpose should never change. If we honestly seek the Lord for guidance and direction, we are given the power to always fulfill the purpose God has given to each of us. While all of our lives will have different aspects, the overall purpose for God’s people is always going to be the same. In Romans 8:28 we are told this truth, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” So, who does this apply to? It is for everyone who loves the Lord.


As we age, as we go through different changes to our lives, we may have questions about our purpose. Satan is very good at lying to us. He wants us to believe that our most useful days are behind us as we grow older. That might seem to only work on people who have lived long lives, but Satan tragically is sometimes able to make people believe that no matter their age.


I want to encourage each of you just as God is encouraging you to understand you have a purpose and meaning to life today, no matter your age or status. Yes, from time to time we need to say to God, “Teach me your way O Lord”. Also to say, “Teach me your paths, guide me in your truth and teach me for you are God, my Savior and my hope is in you all day long” as we read in the Call to Worship from Psalm 25. Your purpose in life is to love and serve God, to love and serve your family, your friends and your neighbors. By the way, everyone is your neighbor. Yes, from time to time a more specific purpose and plan will be given to you. The most important thing each of us needs to remember is that God loves you. He cares about all the things we face in life. He has promised to never leave you or forsake you. So, in the greatest joy you experience or the most difficult moments, God’s purpose and plans for you and me remain the same. Stay strong, stay faithful and know God is always there helping us fulfill the purpose in life we have.

Pastor Larry



Sunday School 9:00

Tuesday 9:30 Bible Study

Today 4:00-6:00 Strawberry Festival

June 6 6:30 pm Executive Committee

June 7,8 Town rummage sales, including The Lord’s Storehouse sale at the Brethren Church

June 9 2:00 Peoria church—concert by Jocelyn Watkins



Pastor Larry Traxler- (217) 454-2362

Donation Box for June: VBS

First Sundays: Food Bank donations




Keep in Your Prayers

Lola Mogged; Missie Wright; Steve Needham; Mike Roach; Shirley Clarkson; Ava; Nora Hanaver; David and Jan Bower; Larry Traxler; Randy and Michelle West; Mike Gentry; Eli Brunner; Nancy Fansler; Doug Larrick; Ron and Kathleen Petersen; Debbie Leibrock; Dorthea Wood; Mike and Carol Seidenstricker; Adiline Young; Mayo and Darlene Hanaver; Stacie Warren; Nancy Gorrell; many unspoken requests; victims of disasters; victims of shootings; shut-ins; the Nigerian church; Haitian Brethren; Ukraine; Israel, Iran, the Palestinians; Military and Other Services and their families

Brethren Volunteer Service workers; Disaster project workers

District Prayer Calendar: Pray for Camp Emmanuel (Women’s Camp ends today), for the camp managers Don & Kelly Davis, and for all the campers and counselors who will be there this summer.

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