Tuesday, October 4, 2022

October 2 Sermon and Announcements; World Communion Day



OCTOBER 2, 2022



Luke 22:7-8, 14-16


Today is World Communion Sunday on the Christian calendar. All around the world Christians in a variety of ways will be celebrating the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before the events that changed human history forever. In the verses we read this morning we see Jesus eagerly looking forward to sharing this time with his disciples. This meal had special meaning for a couple of different reasons. First of all, this was the most important celebration on the Jewish calendar. This was the celebration of Passover. Most of us know what this meal means to the Jewish people. This is the meal that remembers the bad and good of what happened to God’s people during their time in Egypt. At first because of God’s hand upon Joseph thousands of years before Jesus’ time, the Jewish people were welcomed in Egypt, but before long the number of God’s people grew and grew. The pharaohs forgot about Joseph and how God not only blessed his own people but also the Egyptians. They became afraid of the large number of Jews and made them slaves. It got to the point that the Egyptians were killing all the Jewish baby boys when they were born in order to stop the growth of the Jewish people. God ultimately heard the cries for help from His people, and Moses became God’s representative to speak to Pharoah. Plague after plague was sent by God to convince Pharoah to let the Jewish people go. Time after time Pharoah refused. In Exodus Chapters 11 and 12 where we read of this, finally God sent the angel of death to kill the first-born son in each of the Egyptians’ homes. The angel of death would spare any home who had blood over the doorpost and no harm would come to the boys in those homes. God told Moses to tell each Jewish family what they must do to remain safe. The time came and the angel of death “passed over” all of the Jewish homes but brought death to the home of the Egyptians. Finally, with the cries in the streets of the Egyptian people, Pharoh let the Jewish people leave.


Fast forward once again to Jesus and his disciples. The meal had such special meaning to Jesus. And soon it would have additional special meaning to all who would accept and receive. The traditional Jewish Passover meal includes bitter herbs to help each generation remember how difficult it was for their ancestors in Egypt. What was it that saved God’s people from the angel of death in Egypt? The blood of the lamb that was to be brushed over the doorposts where Jewish people lived. Jesus knew that another lamb was about to be sacrificed. This lamb’s blood would be shed to save the lives of all who would believe. Of course, that lamb was Jesus. Jesus so looked forward to gathering around the table one more time with his disciples. These were men Jesus had grown to love and trust. Jesus also was fully aware of what was going to happen before another day was over. The disciples, despite Jesus’ warnings and teachings, did not have any idea what would happen soon after they finished the Passover meal. Fellowship has always been an important part of the life of God’s people. The coming together, the breaking of bread, the sharing of life with one another.


This evening we will share in the Lord’s Supper. It is once again a time of celebration and remembrance. God’s blessing is upon each one who will share in that meal. Clearly, not everyone will be able to make it tonight, but I encourage all who can to come and share this important time together. During the course of that evening Jesus shared with his disciples he explained virtually everything we need to understand about God’s relationship with us, our relationship with God and how our relationship with one another should work. So, on this World Communion Sunday, God is saying, “Come to the table.” I look forward to meeting you afresh there. Some of the greatest moments in life are shared around the table. God bless you!

Pastor Larry



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