Monday, April 18, 2022

Christ is Risen!



EASTER SUNDAY, April 17, 2022



Luke 24:1-26


In Luke 24 we read that the women went to the tomb where Jesus had been laid. The 23rd chapter tells of the final hours Jesus lived on this earth, ending with his crucifixion and death. The women had seen where Jesus had been taken with plans of coming back after the Sabbath to respectfully anoint his body, but something strange had happened. The stone that blocked the tomb had been rolled away and Jesus’ body was gone. Then suddenly they saw 2 men in the tomb and they asked the woman why they sought the living among the dead? Out of fear they bowed down before the men. The men immediately told the women, “He is not here, he is risen.” All the things Jesus had promised had happened just as he said. They then left the tomb looking for the apostles to tell them what they had found. We read they did not believe the women but, in this account, Peter had to go see for himself. He found things just as the women had said, but he still did not know what to believe.


We then read in the 13th verse that 2 of the men headed to Emmaus. As they went, they were talking about everything that had happened the past several days. They were joined on their walk by a third man. It was Jesus. Jesus asked, “What are you discussing?” We see they were kept from recognizing Jesus, but let’s face it, the last person they expected to see walking with them was Jesus. When asked what they were talking about, they were in disbelief. “Are you the only one who does not know what just happened in Jerusalem? To which Jesus asked, “Why, what happened?” Then they went on to tell of Jesus of Nazareth and what an incredible man of God he was. And that in spite of all that he was crucified. They wanted to believe this Jesus would redeem Israel. They went on to tell this man, who they still did not know was Jesus, what the women had found at the tomb. They also briefly mentioned Jesus had promised to be raised on the third day after his death, but obviously the men just could not believe it. Then the stranger (Jesus) begins to speak and say things that should have seemed really strange to the apostles. In the 25th verse Jesus says, “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all the prophets have spoken. Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?” It seems the 2 apostles did not even say to him or themselves, “I thought you did not know about Jesus or what had just happened in Jerusalem?” No instead they just kept walking.


Which leads me to ask myself this question. “What’s it going to take?” We all live in our own little worlds. That is understandable, but do we miss God’s blessings, his mercy, his grace, even his forgiveness because we just are not ready to see the risen Savior? That is where these 2 men were.


We are celebrating this morning because the eyes of the apostles were opened. The truth of God keeping his promises spread. As the angels told the women, “He is not here. He is risen.” That is the promise that continues to instill hope in our fallen world still today. Glory to the Risen Savior. I am redeemed. This is the truth for all who will receive and believe. What’s it going to take? I believe we have to all answer that question. More accurately, what did it take for your eyes and mine to be opened to the risen Savior? Christ Jesus is alive and as the Gaither song says, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.” Let us live in God’s victory. Death is defeated. He lives! That is the message of Easter. We not only have hope for tomorrow, we also have God’s promise fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

Pastor Larry



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