Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 27 Sermon



The Promised Holy Spirit Has Arrived!

Acts 2:1-28


In the first chapter of Acts Jesus told the apostles to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came. This is the same Holy Spirit Jesus told the then disciples about in John 16:5-14. In these verses Jesus told his disciples what the Holy Spirit’s job would be. To convict the world of guilt in regard to sin, righteousness and judgment, to guide us into all truth and bring glory to Jesus. In Acts 2 we see the promised Holy Spirit had arrived. What an incredible moment in time it was when, for the first time, the Holy Spirit came to minister to the apostles and then to all believers. As had become the custom, the apostles and some of the other followers of Jesus were all together in one place. The apostles had committed themselves to prayer as they waited for what was going to happen next. Suddenly, without warning, we are told a violent wind from heaven filled the whole house. Admittedly, the houses at this time did not have insulated windows with central air conditioning or furnaces, so the windows were in all likelihood open. I am pretty sure though this was something none had ever experienced before. We have all seen the wind come up all of a sudden, but we often take shelter in a building to get out of it. Here the wind is in the house, so if you wanted to avoid it, you would actually have to go outside. Of course, the apostles did not want to avoid this wind, because they knew it was something special sent from God. In spite of this violent wind, they also saw what was called tongues of fire that at first was in the room they were in by itself and then they separated and appeared to be on each person’s head. Obviously, no one got burnt or had any issues with the wind or fire, but what an incredible miracle God sent their way. This display was for one purpose – to help the apostles know the promise Jesus made to them about the Holy Spirit coming and providing them incredible power and wisdom was happening. But the Holy Spirit was not done yet. Now every one of the apostles began speaking in a language that they had never learned. I believe it would be like you and me thinking of something to say in English, like we always would, but when we actually started to speak it, it came out in German, French or Japanese. Would that get ours and others’ attention today if we started speaking and a language foreign to most all of us came out of our mouths? This is exactly what happened with the apostles. They thought in their native language but spoke something much different. We saw the list of nations or regions that were given. Many Jews from all over had come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover and still remained in Jerusalem. They did not have a clue what was happening or what it meant. The funniest explanation was to basically say they were drunk. I do not know if any of you at an earlier time period in your life drank alcohol to excess, but I am pretty sure no one suddenly spoke fluent Chinese under the influence. Just like today, though, the people there had to explain why things happen. Even if the explanation is, to be blunt, stupid, sometimes we still feel the need to do it. Peter then stepped up to explain to everyone that had gathered what was really going on. I thought it was a little strange, though, that Peter told them they could not be drunk as it was only 9 a.m.  I seriously doubt those in Jerusalem started speaking in a language they did not know even if they were drunk later in the day. Anyway, Peter goes on to quote the Old Testament prophet, Joel, to draw them to scriptures God had given the Israelites maybe 600 years earlier to show them what God is doing at this time. In many ways, Peter is telling the people gathered around, that this is a sign of the beginning of the end. God is moving in a powerful way, starting today. Transforming lives by allowing his spirit to live and work among men and women as well as live in men and women who will believe. Peter then goes on to point out that everything that is happening began with Jesus. Jesus is the one who performed miracle after miracle and you rejected him. Jesus proved God was alive and real to the Jewish people and yet most refused to see the truth. The final miracle performed in Jesus was that the grave could not hold him. Peter then quoted David, one of the most respected men of old, to further say what was happening and what could be happening. The 25th verse makes this clear statement of God’s presence in our lives, “You have made known to me the paths of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence. “


This is what the Holy Spirit has come to do in the church. The church age we are still a part of today can and does have access to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is still alive and well, seeking men and women of God to encourage, strengthen, and, yes, point out sin when necessary. What began in Acts 2 is still changing and transforming lives today. May we seek more and more what the Holy Spirit is making available to all followers of Christ. Maybe it is and has been happening in your life for a long time, but may we seek to be the ones people ask, what is going on with them? There is something different about them that is so good. I want that in my life too. May each of us ask once again, Holy Spirit fill me with your love, your power and your wisdom. Teach me the ways of God in a new and powerful way. I want a fresh dose of your transforming power today.




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